Our Services

Our fabrication facilities

Our fabrication facilities are key to us delivering the best quality pieces. All art school trained, our skilled technicians understand the needs of artists and designers and as such bring an idea to life in the best way possible.

Fabrication techniques and methods

Depending on the requirements, we utilise a broad range of techniques, from the most recent computer controlled CAD/CAM technologies, to quality hand craftsmanship. Our studio space is split in to two sections : one devoted to metalwork, and the other for “clean” applications such as woodwork, non-ferrous metalwork, plastics and jesmonite / concrete / fibreglass casting.

Quality and finish

Most of the work we make is for public view, whether it be in a gallery setting, on stage, or in a public space. With this in mind, we are always looking to the finished piece and understand that our clients are looking for best quality finish, highest standards of workmanship, and durability in design.

Object design

Whether you have a sketch on the back of a napkin, a model or maquette, or a set of plans, we can help develop your design to a point where it can be made reality. We provide the expertise and experience to ensure that a design will fulfill the needs of the client, perform technically, and stand out aesthetically.

CAD and 3D visualisation

Renderings and CAD drawings are required at all stages of a project, whether it be to promote an idea to a funder or to communicate design information at the fabrication stage. We have the in-house skills and ability to take your idea and produce 2D and 3D renderings and visualisations, photo montages, animations, and other graphic presentations.

Structural design

When it comes to larger pieces, the design has to be certified to be structurally sound. This may be a regulatory requirement or just good practice to ensure structural stability under a number of different environmental and usage conditions. We have a good relationship with a number of structural engineers whose creative and sensitive approach is well suited to specialist projects.

Team coordination

For larger projects, we offer professional Project Management services. An important part of the smooth running of a project is coordinating the schedules of those involved (client, designers, fabricators, suppliers, installers, gallery staff, site staff), and managing communications between internal and external parties. We are well versed in the art of team coordination and having a single experienced project manager means a quicker, smoother and stress free project.


We have a network of consultants, makers, and fabricators. We can manage the logistics of a project, from managing the design consultants, to overseeing the fabrication of the piece, to installing artworks, to transport within the UK and abroad, and crating fragile works.

Feasibility and budget

We can offer a range of advice at the early stages of a project, either as an informal chat or as a formal feasibility study. Information on budget, technical feasibility, timescales, planning appliciations, regulatory issues, risk evaluations, crating & transport logistics, conservation and refurbishment of pieces, and maintenance requirements.

Technical and material considerations

We have 14 years’ experience of making all kinds of unusual pieces, and are well place to assist in your choice of materials for your project. We can advise on the most appropriate use of materials, and on their suitability with regards to aesthetics, cost, weight, durability, and other performance related issues. We can also advise on the different ways materials can be manipulated, whether it be CNC cut, folded, hand worked, bonded and painted.